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December 02, 2008


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Rachael (Mommy Learns to Blog)

Wow - I am a fainter by nature, and your account was so vivid it was like I was right there with you! What you described is what happens to be, to a "T"!

Well, at least you got a reason for the blacking out . . . and it's awesome that your memories are so clear!

BTW, LOVE your hair! It looks fabulous!


So that's what I have to look forward to???? Nausea, blackouts, and Bohemian Rhapsody???
No thanks, I'll just take the Boy for my blogging, like we agreed to earlier.


awhhh.. I mean not for the being sick part but for the song flashback.. what a sweet story.. And I agree..music is a HUGE part of my life..

Steph T. (Serenity Now! Serenity Now!)

I'm here. I've been visiting on my phone too! :) I wouldn't ever leave you...just not been at the computer much!

PS...that is EXACTLY how I found out I was pregnant with BabyAm too, minus the blackout. How weird!!!!!!!!

*watch your mailbox*


I love this story. I was overwhelmed with a sudden yucky feeling and passed out with all three of my pregnancies...it always happened when I turned the 3 month corner into the 2nd trimester. I always wondered why that happened.


Aww what a great story Mama! The song that I associate with finding out I was preggo with #1 is Lauryn Hill's 'Zion' - it gave me strength at a time when the future was unknown...
It's funny b/c I was just saying the other day I want to literally make a soundtrack to my life. I look back and can tell you exactly what music I was listening to at certain times in my life...someday soon I WILL make that soundtrack!

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