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November 14, 2008


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OK, I totally love this idea. I will play along next week. OK, maybe not. I forgot. I'm getting on a plane. Maybe I can do the post ahead of time. Maybe? hmmm..... I'll work on it. So. I agree with you about pregnant smokers. And the pie, looks yummy!

Steph T. (Serenity Now! Serenity Now!)

Ok, so I totally cheated. Sorry honey! But my blackberry is my favorite! :)

Additionally, I wanted you to know that you didn't offend me...and it shouldn't offend anyone else. Remember it's your blog and if they don't like what you say, they don't have to read it. You blog for you, not anyone else. :)

Keep it up, you're doing great!


ohh, now i'm hungry :) that's a great favorite thing. and you can never go wrong with music from the sound of music. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!


I love to see a family playing together....the dad, mom, the kids! I love it!



You read my mind. My post for next week was going to be all about my favorite things. Just like Oprah. And you. :)


mmmmm, that apple pie looks delish! I'll have to try it for Thanksgiving.


I also hate to see smoking expecting mothers. And their belly's. What happened to covering yourself?

Today I'm loving that my son is home from Army Basic Training/AIT. He just got in yesterday after being away 18 weeks.


My favorite thing is smelling my kids after they have taken there bath :) Hmmm... I also love lazy sundays, watching LMN all day long!
Least favorite: right now its my daughters grades. I can't stand that she doesn't study for a test and then wonders why she failed! So freaking annoying!!!!!


My Favorite thing is:
The sound of my children laughing, it is absolutely the greatest thing on the planet - nothing makes me happier! Since that was an easy on I will give me second favorite thing is makeup products. I have always loved playing with my makeup and I literally can't walk into Walmart with out getting some kind of beauty product - I'm a certified junkie!
My Not so favorite thing:
Folding laundry and putting it away. I hate folding laundry with a passion. I could start loads and switch them to the dryer all day long but I absolutely hate to fold and put away....and no one ever helps me. At least not yet, my kids are still a little bit to young.


PS.. these are a few of my favorite things will be stuck in my head all day.. lol


I want apple crumb pie now.. yummy..


I also hate to see pregnant woman smoking. Even worse is when you see them drinking. It's horrible!

That apple crumb pie looks GOOOOOD!

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