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October 23, 2010


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Armandina Skerl

I love the exterior and I really can’t imagine what to expect from the interiors. You definitely made the right decision to purchase this house! How did you find this one? By the way, do you have any plans of renovating?

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie


Thanks for including me in your list of inspirations! I'm honored to be among such company!! :)

You have a great neutral foundation to start with. I would decide what accent color or colors you want to welcome your guests. Black is always a classic. I also think that coastal blue (or whatever color you like!) shutters and accents would bring a different feel. It all depends on what you are drawn to. The topiary idea is great. They would provide some height and weight on each side of the door. I also see the potential of replacing those shrubs with flowers and greenery (in varying heights and textures) that would provide color, warmth, interest, and a welcoming feel. Maybe a chair or two to invite people to sit and visit for a while would be nice as well.

I look forward to seeing what you do! :)



wow it is absolutely beautiful, with so much potential

I thought right away the doors in black to add a focal point & pop to the front & the same as Layla shutters would be great!

Not sure if the bushes need to stay but I think removing them wuold be good... they look tired, out of balance to me & they draw the eye down... using your potted trees to the sides of the doors would be just lovely there as a welcome and a huge lantern tucked on the floor might be nice if budget allows

Hope that helps, wow you will have a fantastic time with it, how very exciting to have a new home like that to play with!




I love your new house!
Here are some thoughts that ran through my crazy noggin:
I think I would go with dark stained wood (or black) front doors and black shutters on the windows. (Not initally- but maybe long term if budget allows.)
And I LOVE your idea of using potted tree/topiaries on each side of the doors. That would look AWESOME! (Dark colored or dark stained wood pots would pop against the light gray/beige colored brick.)
Last, but not least, maybe you could do a rub-on vinyl decal of your house number on the sheet of glass above the doors?

Have fun with it- and congratulations on your STUNNING new home! :-)

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